Q: I just ordered the vendors list and haven’t received it yet. How long until I get it?
A: We have to review and accept payments on our behalf. This can take anywhere from instantly to about an hour or two.

Q: What’s the refund policy?
A: There are absolutely NO REFUNDS on the megavendorlist’s due to direct download. 

Q: What’s the difference between the normal megavendorlist, and megavendorlist elite?
A: Megavendorlist is the full list with the last update on (November 6). That list does not have monthly updates at all, actually will never be updated. However all of the vendors are on there that cliff currently uses.
A: Megavendorlist ELITE is the full list with the last update on November 6 that gets updated every 3-4 weeks with additional vendors. As cliff keeps testing and trying new ones. There is also a group chat via the App (group me) that you will able to chat with Cliff/his team and others who purchased the ELITE LIST. All vendor list updates will be sent via the chat to ensure EVERYONE gets it. You can even ask about vendors that you want cliff to find and add to the list. 

Q: How do get the vendors cliff really wears and uses?
A: On both vendor list pages it has a “Cliff Top Picks” page where the vendors that he uses SPECIFICALLY for himself! All the others are ones that he’s researched.

Q: Why was my order cancelled ? 
A: If you ordered and recieved a refund it may have been because your order came up as fraud, or some type of warning. We cannot accept any fraudulent order at all. Another reason that it could have been cancelled is because you didn’t put an email address.

Q: I ordered the list, it took the money off my card, but I didn’t get a confirmation code/number or anything... but it took the money off??
A: In this case what happens is our system automatically filed it as fraud, normally they hold the funds and release them within 24 hours. This has nothing to do with us holding it, more of the payment gateway we use. WE ALSO DO NOT USE CASH APP CARDS! 

Q: How do I contact the vendors?
A: You will contact all the vendors by downloading an app called “What’s App”. Please save the vendors number in your phone even with the (+86) area code as well.

Q: What do I do if a vendor doesn’t respond?
A: If you message a vendor and they don’t respond on what’s app it could be a few reasons why. One reason could be how you are greeting them. It’s always good to start off by saying “Hello, my name is ______ & I wanted to inquire on “ X, Y & Z”. So they know you are very serious. Another way is by contacting them via IG dm. If you are still having trouble please send us a DM or email, or if your in elite group send us a CHAT. 

Q: Can I just buy a single vendor instead of buying the full list?
A: Unfortunately, No. We currently sell the MegaVendorlist’s as full list.

Q: I already purchased the megavendorlist before November 6th , but want to upgrade to the elite? 
A: Please send us an DM, or email. We will just have you pay the additional 150.